Bakery and Confectionery ingredients

Bakery and Confectionery Ingredients

From the very beginning TRIOCOMM has been delivering ingredients for cakes, pastry, cheesecake, wagashi, and other bakery and confectionary applications from one part of the world to another. We help to build connections between bakery producers, distributors, and suppliers.

Our networking possibilities allow us to work successfully with different market players and provide the high level services to all our clients.

Please contact us to find out about possibilities for your business as well as prices and special offers we provide to suppliers working in different regions.

There is probably no person in the whole world who does not consume bakery products. Each country has its own bakery traditions, recipes and specialties. And in general, bakery business takes a large part of countries’ economies and food sectors.

Recently one of the mainstreams in the developed countries is gluten free bakery products.

What are the main categories of bakery?

Usually bakery is divided into the following categories:

  • Unsweetened products (bread, buns, bagels etc.)
  • Sweet products (cookies, waffles, pancakes, wagashi, etc.)
  • Filled products (pies, pastries, pizza etc.)

How long are bakery products preserved?

Like any processed foods, bakery products are subject to spoilage. Different goods have different shelf life. In addition, there are special requirements for bakery products storage. Bakery producers put “Best before” date on packages.

Modern technologies allow bakery manufacturers provide bakery with long shelf life. And it is logistics infrastructure that makes it possible to deliver these products to other continents in a good condition.