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Cocoa ingredients

TRIOCOMM cooperates with producers of bakery and confectionery items all around the world. This includes cocoa ingredients, sugar, yeast, starch, milk products, various bakery and pastry mixes and more.

We developed a wide network among suppliers and distributors of bakery and confectionery products in many countries. TRIOCOMM’s logistics infrastructure provides enormous opportunities for shipping food products to sea ports in different countries. We also guarantee high quality of products we work with.

In addition, our team is ready to provide company’s partners with the lowest prices. Contact us to find out about business opportunities, best offers and deals available for your particular business.

Cocoa ingredients are widely used in bakery and confectionery industry. Chocolate, cocoa powder, and cacao are just a short list of products prepared with cocoa ingredients.

The latest trends show that global demand for products made of cocoa beans is increasing. Therefore cocoa ingredients become more popular. Asia Pacific is the leader in cocoa products consumption.

Health benefits of cocoa ingredients and products

Cocoa ingredients contain no fat since it is extracted at the very beginning of drying process. In addition, they are rich with antioxidants which makes them an important part of a healthy diet.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better vessel health
  • Improvement in cholesterol levels

Key producers of cocoa products try to provide the market with healthier options as well as various flavors and origins. This also influences on the sector of cocoa ingredients.