Soft Drinks and Baverages

Soft Drinks

Our company works with major producers of fruit&vegetable juice as well as with producers of other soft drinks. We also developed networks with soft drink suppliers, distributors and wholesalers around the globe. We have special offers to all our partners wherever in the world they are located.

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Soft drinks are very popular in the modern world. Many people prefer them as a part of their everyday diet to have the necessary daily fluid and vitamins intake.

Soft drinks manufactures are aware of the fact that consumers all around the globe are always opened to new tastes and sizes for their products. Therefore the key issue for soft drinks producers is to be innovative and fast. In general, soft drinks sector is probably one of the most dynamic among other food and drinks industries.

What is a soft drink?

Soft drink is a beverage that does not contain significant amount of alcohol. The general list of soft drink categories includes:

  • Carbonates
  • Fruit juices
  • Juice drinks
  • Dilutables
  • Bottled watters

Changes in soft drinks industry

For the last decade health issues and changes in people’s lifestyles force soft drinks manufactures provide the market with variants with a lower amount of calories. Also many producers consider encouraging their consumers to make healthier choices to be a part of the companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Recently, manufactures offer high quality soft drinks in smaller packages as well as low to no sugar variants of their products. And they continue to provide innovative decisions helping to reduce amount of calories in soft drinks.