Food Service - HoReCa: ingredients and solutions

Food Service – HORECA
Triocomm is working on the food market for many years. We have developed solid economic bonds with producers of all foods and food ingredients. Our networks allow us to provide best prices to suppliers and distributors we work with.

We are aware of the importance of providing fresh food and have all necessary logistics facilities to ship any kind of food to all sea ports around the globe. We work with HoReCa sector in many countries and deliver frozen pastry, meat products, ravioli, cheesecake and other products. 

Our team is opened to new business opportunities. We are ready to share our database of food suppliers, distributors and other industry representatives. Please contact us to find out more about special offers available for your region. 

Latest trends in people’s behaviors in food consumption drive fast development of hotels, restaurants, and café sector (or HoReCa). Despite of the fact that economic situation influences HoReCa sector in any country and people try to cut their expenses on eating out, people still want to have quick healthy ways of eating and prefer either quick cooking at home or going out for eating.

HoReCa sector is changing all the time and brings more challenges for business owners. Raw products are the main expense for companies providing food services and these products spoil quickly. Therefore in many countries this business becomes very local meaning that owners of food companies prefer purchasing products from local farmers and suppliers to ensure a longer shelf life of products.

Nevertheless, international trade in HoReCa is still well-developed around the globe.