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Frozen fruit

TRIOCOMM strives to provide high quality services to our clients and partners in food industry. We also offer best prices as well as seasonal offers for many products.

Our company works with the leading producers of frozen fruit, milk products and other special items in bakery and confectionery sector. We use cold chain logistics to ship frozen fruit and vegetable and guarantee top quality of products we deliver.

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Recent studies show a stable increase in consumption of frozen fruit around the world. The reason is simple: consumers want to see more healthy, convenient and easily prepared foods.

Fruits for freezing are usually picked when they are the ripest and have the highest nutrition content. They are immediately frozen after being gathered. This helps to preserve all good qualities of fruits and guarantees their usefulness for health. And in general, frozen fruit have the same health benefits as fresh fruit.

Why purchase frozen fruit

Some quick ideas in favor of frozen fruit:

  • They are great source of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • They have no preservatives and additives.
  • They provide quick healthy solutions for everyday diet.

For years EU remains the biggest world market for frozen fruit. But latest studies show that US consumers became more interested in frozen fruit as well. This drives retailers to give more space to these items on the shelves.

Shelf life of frozen fruit

Shelf life of frozen fruit depends on many factors, for example, how it was prepared and where it was stored. But usually frozen fruit may be kept up to 10-12 months in a freezer.