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Fruits in Jell

TRIOCOMM cooperates with main producers of fruit products in all regions. Our sales team is in a constant search of new ways to expand our global network and we offer good terms of cooperation to suppliers of fruit in jell, fruit fillings and other fruit products.

Suppliers of fruit in jell, fruit fillings and other fruit products offer good prices to wholesalers and our task is to ship high quality goods to all the markets where our partners have their businesses.

Food habits around the globe have seen dramatic changes in the past years. Consumers become more and more aware of what they eat and they want to see more healthy options. This sets a strong challenge for food producers and suppliers.

Fruit and vegetables consumption grew tremendously in developed countries. People try to eat as much of fresh products as possible and at a reasonable price. But it is not always possible to have fresh fruits due to natural reasons. And producers introduce different innovations to process fruits without losing fruits’ health benefits.

Fruits in jell, dried fruits and many other fruit products are a healthy and tasty way to consume fruits despite of the season or location.

What are jellies produced of?

Jellies are usually made from simple ingredients:

  • ripe fruits or juice
  • sugar
  • pectin which is present in any fruit

Producers of fruits in jell build tight connections with farmers to ensure high quality of their products. Many plants are located near fruit farms and produce fruits in jell as well as other fruit products within a day.