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Allium sativum healthy and cleandehydrated bulbs. Can be shown as flakes (dehydrated cloves), grounded and granulated. One dehydrated kilogram of product is 3 kilogram of fresh product.
Spices for any meat, sauces and culinary applications. 

Very used in the sausage and meat industry due to its antibacterial properties.
Could be used for some bakery applications, like: Garlic Bread.
Huge applications in the kitchen both grounded and granulate. In high doses, it can decrease the blood pressure and eliminate the harmful intestinal flora. It also works against sclerosis and decrease the blood sugar excess due to it increase the insulin level.

Plant Pernnial plant with long and flat leafs, maximun high of 30 cm. The bulb is under the ground, composed by white and slightly pink cloves, and covered by a thin film.

Habitat & Distribution Cultivated all over the world, mainly in China, South Europe, Egypt and India

Blooming Rosy and whitish flowers gathering in a circle head. It growns at the end of the summer.

Harvest Bulbs are gathered in the begining of summer (June) when the leaves are getting dry.  The fresh garlics are peeled, cleaned and cutted in thin layers in order to be dried at a maximun temperature of 60°C. After that they are grounded.

Aroma & flavour Tipical of the product, strong, penetrating, and spicy.

Chemical Comp. Aliin is the main component (sulphurous and odorless component). It produces the allicin and the allyil disulphide thanks to its fermentation, it shows the tipical garlic flavour.

It contains also the A, B1, B2 and C vitamins, and mineral components like iodine and sulfur.

Nutritional Values Energy 332 Kcal, Carbohydrated 72,7%, Proteins 16,8%, Fats 0,8%.

Preservation Keep the product in a dry and cool place (humidity less than 60% and cold <20° C).

If posible, we recomend to keep the product in a cold room at 10°C

Due to the fact that the farming products can contain insect eggs who can emerge with the suitable conditions, we cannot guarantee the absence of insects if you keep the product at more than 20°C

Product must be protected from both the direct sun light and the unnatural light.

Safety data Food product. It does not present handling risks so it hasn ́t safety sheet.

GMO It hasn ́t contain Genetically Modified Organism

Gluten It hasn ́t contain gluten

Allergens It can contain less than 60ppm sulphites (SO2)

Colouring Colouring and preservaties free.

Irradiation It hasn ́t been treated with neither irradiation nor similar procedures.

Insecticide/Pesticide Non detectable residue.

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