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Country of origin: Norway
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Country of origin: Norway
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TRIOCOMM has developed networks with the main producers of seafood including lobsters, fish, and crab. We also work with the best suppliers in the industry and are ready to offer special prices to all our long-term partners.

We understand the importance of proper storage and quick delivery of seafood products. Our logistics facilities allow us to ship lobsters, crab, fish and other seafood products to any sea port of the world and in a short period of time.

Our managers are always ready to discuss all possible variants for cooperation. Contact us to get more information about terms of cooperation and possibilities for your business.

 Seafood is probably among those food products that become more and more popular in the world. The reason is that people pay more attention at what they eat and they are eager to see healthier options on their plates.

Lobsters, crab as well as fish are among the most preferred seafood products in many countries. And they are largely fished in many regions of the world.

Health Benefits of Lobsters

Lobsters are especially popular due to a small amount of calories they contain. But there are more reasons why they should be a part of an everyday diet:

  • They are low in fat, cholesterol and rich in protein;
  • Like other seafood products, lobsters are a perfect source of omega 3 acids;
  • Lobsters are a good source of zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B12, selenium.

In general, lobsters are effective in preventing many problems with health like cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

When purchasing lobsters, it is important to choose fresh and frisky ones which have been in a tank for not more than a week. Also, live lobsters as well as crabs should be cooked the day they were purchased to avoid spoilage. Cooked lobster may be stored in a refrigerator for several days.

Best producers of lobsters control their processing operations with seafood and examine their products for disease-causing organisms, chemicals, toxins etc.