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Instant Whole Milk Powder
Country of origin: Ukraine
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Country of origin: Ukraine
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Milk Powder 

TRIOCOMM specializes on delivery of food items to different regions of the world. We have developed strong networks with the main producers of milk powder, cheese, condensed milk and other dairy products.

We use our own logistics facilities and also cooperate with other transporting companies and suppliers in order to provide export of milk powder from the countries of their origin.

We can help you to connect with wholesalers and distributors of dairy in other countries. Our managers are always looking for new business opportunities and are ready to provide high quality services as well as good prices and seasonal offers to your business.

Contact us to get detailed information about our contacts with main exporters and importers of dairy products around the globe.

Milk powder is probably one of the biggest and brightest innovations in the food industry. Regular whole milk has a very short life while milk powder can be stored for months and does not need any cooling facilities. It is also easier and cheaper to transport powdered milk than liquid.

Producers obtain milk powder by removing water from pasteurized milk (water content in powder should be less than 4%). Powdered milk is used for drinking (mixed with water) as well as for manufacturing of chocolate, candy, and some kinds of pastry.

Types of milk powder

Suppliers of milk powder work with the following types of this product:

  • Whole milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Non-fat milk
  • Skim milk

and some other.

The main world importers of powdered milk are Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands and U.K 

New Zealand is the major exporter of products made of milk powder followed by Argentina and Australia.