Paprica Paste

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Paprica Paste
Product obtained by grinding fresh peppers, mature and selected. The product is washed before grinding and all process is carried out under strict quality and hygiene, yielding finally paste great color and flavor.
Spices for any meat, sauces and culinary applications. 

Composition: fresh peppers and salt.
Features: - Appearance: asta is homogeneously red.
Aroma and flavor: Characteristic of peppers.

* Meat industry applications.
* Manufacture of prepared dishes, sauces and preserves.
* Industrial kitchens (hotels, fast-foods, etc.).
*Catering, brasseries and restaurants.
* In general home for meats, marinades and stews.

Preservation: Store in cold storage at 10 °C. It should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and artificial light.
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