Rice flour

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Rice Flour

Contain high starch amount: ±78 %,
Source of high of hypo-allergenic protein.
Because of ease of digestion of both rice starch and rice protein, and the very interesting amino acid profile of the latter, being closely related to breast’s milk amino acid profile, rice flour is widely used in baby food like infant cereals.
Whole grain rice flour also imparts some additional fibre and lipids, of which an important part of latter being composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

Shelf-life: 12 month 

Packaging: paper bag

Transportation: 20`/40` sea container, truck

Pricing: FCA, CIF
Payment: T/T, L/C
Direct contract with producer.

Don`t hesitate to contact us for via e-mail: info@triocomm.com or +380508129944 for any additional information regarding your request.

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