Seafood suppliers and distributors


TRIOCOMM has developed solid networks with the leading world seafood producers and suppliers. We have the most optimal prices for high quality seafood products, including crab and regional specialties and exotic foods.

We secure customs and all the necessary veterinarian procedures to all food products including seafood, meat and poultry.

Our sales team is always looking for new opportunities and new partners around the globe. We also offer special terms of cooperation to our long-term partners.

Seafood became a real trend in the countries with a high level of meat consumption. The reasons are simple. It is more healthy, clean, non-GMO, contains no additives and preservatives. In addition, consumers want to know where their foods come from, who the importers and producers are.

All these factors give huge advantages to seafood producers, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers. They face challenging opportunities to grow their businesses faster than ever before.

The top world’s exporters of seafood are:

  • China
  • Norway
  • US
  • India
  • Vietnam

Some developing countries are also quickly developing their seafood export providing cheap high quality fish, crab, mollusks, shrimps and other seafood products.

What is the shelf life of seafood?

There are two main factors which influent seafood’s shelf life:

  • Variety of fish and shellfish products
  • Quality at the time of purchase
  • Storage method

In general, fresh seafood should be used within 1 or 2 days.

It is important to buy seafood from reputable seafood suppliers that have all the necessary certification for their products