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Truffle oil
Country of origin: Italy
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TRIOCOMM is keeping an eye on global trends and is developing networks with the leading businesses in each industry. We work with main producers and suppliers of seasonings and condiments from Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Our company has all the necessary facilities to provide high quality shipping services to our partners. We will quickly deliver your goods to any sea port or other destination. Please ask our team about prices and special offers available for your business.

Seasonings and condiments are widely used to improve and enhance food’s flavor or even compliment a dish. Different countries have different preferences and traditions of using seasonings and condiments. No surprise that the same foods taste so differently in various parts of the world!

Trends in seasoning and condiments industry

Recent trends in seasoning and condiments show that:

  • Consumers are looking for simple and cheap meal solutions.
  • Producers of seasoning and condiments have to satisfy the growing demand for spices used for cooking at home. Although it does not mean that people started to cook more. They simply started to use various sauces and other seasonings and condiments for snacks and other quick meals.
  • Consumers became more aware of health and wellness. Their desire to consume natural products put new challenges for producers of sauces and other seasonings and condiment products.
  • Suppliers of sauces as well as distributors of seasonings and condiments prefer to work with products with organic ingredients since they become more and more popular.
  • Wholesalers of seasonings and condiments also saw increase in profits working with organic products.