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TRIOCOMM has developed tight cooperation with producers of starch, flour and gluten, pastry mixers and other important items in bakery and confectionery.

We cooperate with main suppliers and distributors of these food ingredients worldwide and are ready to discuss special terms of cooperation for our partners. TRIOCOMM offers best prices as well as best business deals to our long-term partners wherever they are located.

Our team provides high quality services and is ready to ship your food products to any part of the world where you do your business.

Starch is a food ingredient which is extracted mainly from potatoes, wheat, rice, and maize but other grain and roots are also used. It is an important part of human diet since starch is used in thousands and thousands products, for example, in bakery and confectionery, beverages, desserts etc.

Types of starch

In general, starch can be divided into three types:

  • Pure starch
  • Modified starch
  • Sweeteners

All of the types are used in food industry as well as in home cooking to thicken food products.

Shelf life of starch

If stored properly, starch may last literary forever. The best way to preserve starch is to keep it in tightly closed container or package in a dry cool place.

Health benefits of starch

Resistant starch is considered to be a healthy kind since it functions as soluble fiber. Mainly, resistant starch is a part of various products (grains, seeds, starchy fruit and vegetables). Nevertheless it may also be produced via a chemical process.